Zombie Fallout

Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo – Books 1 to 10

I’ve read the first couple of books of this series – until the zombies became too clever for my liking. Mike, a family man, and survivalist who has been eagerly awaiting the undead (no shortage of guns at the outbreak) takes them on with plenty of humour and strong language. The spelling and grammar police were up in arms over this one. The would nail me to the cross as well, so I cannot comment. Meanwhile, America’s gun lobby would probably award Mark Tufo the Nobel prize for literature.

Anyhow, for me the trouble started when the author must have thought zombies are just too boring, let’s make them a bit more interesting by making them smarter. No, no, no you don’t! Develop the living and let the zombies be zombies. Here we have a zombie lady who develops some kind of mind relationship with Mike. Sorry, don’t know what happened after book 2 – I got out of there…