Bleeding Kansas The SAGA of the DEAD SILENCER

Bleeding Kansas The SAGA of the DEAD SILENCER by L Roy Aiken

This one is utterly bleak. The humour so dark you need a torch to find the funny bits. OK, a decent zombie novel is by its very nature not exactly fluffy lighthearted fun, but I don’t remember having ever read anything this cynical. Different, shocking and I think I like it..!?  If you despair of humankind, Bleeding Kansas won’t change your mind. And I’ve never been and I never will go to Kansas.

By the way, I still have the original cover 🙂 I am glad the author put his hands in his pockets and invested in a professionally designed cover, or honed up on his skills.

Bleeding Kansas original cover
Bleeding Kansas original cover

ps I read this some time ago before book 2 and 3 came along. Let’s see what happen next in book 2…