I Have Waited, And You Have Come

I Have Waited, And You Have Come by Martine McDonagh

I Have Waited, And You Have Come by Martine McDonagh

Madness, obsession and bad weather.  Now, what does that remind me of…? Never mind, this is great stuff. Rachel is alone in a stormy future, in a society that has gone back to somewhere between medieval and biblical times. Excellent writing – I loved it!

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Walking Dead – Carol and Daryl back together

WD Carol and Daryl fan art

Walking Dead
Jeez, watched episode 10/7 ‘New Best Friends’
Carol really, really needs to snap out of it and Daryl needs a shower. Still, it will happen now that they found each other again.

I don’t know what to say about those Scavengers?

I am stuck! Don’t have Sky and that streaming service which is either legal or illegal (who really knows?) has become unusable. Klicking off tons of porn, while wondering which virus you catch before you could watch an episode of WD has never been much fun, but at least one got there after a while. No more, I’m afraid I haven’t got the patience for ‘Error loading media’ and what have you anymore. Hhmmpfff

Cold Earth

Cold Earth by Sarah Moss

Cold Earth by Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss is one of my favourite authors and her début novel Cold Earth is right down my apocalyptic alleyway. It is tense, ice-cold, and like everything else by Sarah Moss, a real pleasure to read!

Reapers Are the Angels

The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell

Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell

For some, The Reapers Are The Angels is the best zombie novel ever written, and I wholeheartedly agree.  Not only is it the best zombie book, but one of the best pieces of fiction I’ve ever read, full stop.  The story follows Temple, a sixteen-year-old girl who has never known a world without zombies, or meatskins  as she calls them. But do not worry – this is not young adult or a coming of age book (not that there is anything wrong with YA) – this is dystopia in its full gory!

Thankfully without gratuitous violence, rape and questionable politics of which I have found more than enough in some other zombie reads. Temple having survived on her own by mainly seeking solitude and keeping on the move when necessary, saves the life of a simple man who becomes her charge. In an effort to find a safe place for her helpless companion we meet a host of characters – some good, some bad, most already dead… I don’t want to give away too much, so best just read it yourself. It is fantastically well written, nicely paced and will blow you away…

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Outpost by Adam Baker

Outpost by Adam Baker

I especially liked the setting. The end of the world happens while folks are stuck on an arctic outpost – at the end of the world.

This had everything you want in an apocalyptic read… …nothing more, nothing less.

The Dog Stars

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

I loved this book. It is zombie-like dystopian-  the struggle for survival, fighting over scarce resources and the thread of mindless violence.

There’s also a dog (good!) and a Cessna – what is it with Cessnas and apocalyptic fiction? They’ve been featuring in at least 4 books I’ve read so far – maybe I should get one? Never mind, it is an outstanding good read! It had me in tears…


Bleeding Kansas The SAGA of the DEAD SILENCER

Bleeding Kansas The SAGA of the DEAD SILENCER by L Roy Aiken

Bleeding Kansas The SAGA of the DEAD SILENCER by L Roy Aiken

This one is utterly bleak. The humour so dark you need a torch to find the funny bits. OK, a decent zombie novel is by its very nature not exactly fluffy lighthearted fun, but I don’t remember having ever read anything this cynical. Different, shocking and I think I like it..!?  If you despair of humankind, Bleeding Kansas won’t change your mind. And I’ve never been and I never will go to Kansas.

By the way, I still have the original cover 🙂 I am glad the author put his hands in his pockets and invested in a professionally designed cover, or honed up on his skills.

Bleeding Kansas original cover
Bleeding Kansas original cover

ps I read this some time ago before book 2 and 3 came along. Let’s see what happen next in book 2…

The Remaining

The Remaining by D J Molles review

The Remaining 
by D. J. Molles.

The Remaining is the first book in the bestselling series and it is not bad at all! It helps if you are interested in weapons though. Guns are described with so much obsessive detail, one starts to wonder a little… Nevertheless, the loneliness of the main man Lee, a soldier under orders to wait underground in a bunker, is truly palpable and adds to the excitement before mayhem starts. And he has a dog – for me always a plus in any book!

It has 131 (and rising) 5-star reviews on Amazon – nobody has that many friends who fake reviews (recently I started to wonder about that last statement…?). So a popular book with an interesting beginning.

The Undead. The First Seven Days

The Undead. The First Seven Days buy R R Harwood review

The Undead. The First Seven Days by R R Haywood

Two unlikely heroes: Howie, your hapless but likable Tesco Manager and his underling-become-sidekick Dave, who has some kind of non-descript neurological disorder, hack their way through this very readable zombie-slash fest. Thankfully, what Dave lacks in social skills is made up by being a well trained special forces soldier.  With Dave’s help Howie managed to rise above himself, and together they fight the forever increasing hordes of zombies shambling in their way from the South, to find Howie’s sister in London. It is good fun, perhaps a tad cartoonish – Howie’s weapon of choice is an axe against trillions of zombies…

Having said all that I had to check out at around book 5 – it just got too silly for me. Once zombies start being anything else but brain-dead, flesh-eating anti-humans and develop thought, it is all over for me! Intelligent zombies – don’t be daft. And I am sure the zombie hordes increased to levels that make Bangladesh look sparsely populated. I simply couldn’t face it anymore…

By the way, this used to be cheap as chips but has gone up a couple of pounds since I’ve read it. Still, at under 6 pounds for almost 900 pages of mayhem, it ain’t dear.